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Ideas for sunglasses packaging

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Sunglasses packaging can be a tricky business. Sunglasses have such a unique shape and sold at all different price points that often an out-of-the-box solution is required

The same goes for other compact retail items with irregular shapes, like hair accessories, jewellery, gloves, scarves, socks and the list goes on.



There are so many printing options these days that you can have your boxes custom printed, regardless of the price points of your products.

Digital printing is an ultra-flexible method where you can achieve top quality results with a quick turnaround.

For larger order quantities, high-volume offset printing is the most cost-effective solution with the highest printing results. You can print on every inch of the surface (even inside) in vivid CMYK or Pantone.


So, what’s the best form of sunglasses packaging?

The short answer is ... it depends.

It depends on several factors, from your branding and product positioning to your budget and storage facilities.

After all, certain shaped packaging is much easier to store and ship. You also need to keep in mind assembly.

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