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The importance of safety glasses and when to wear them

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Safety glasses can prevent foreign objects or debris from damaging your vision. Dangerous particles or chemicals could be floating around in your workplace. Construction, welding, maintenance, mining, and other dangerous jobs can harm your vision.


Types of eye protection

  • Eyeglasses - The glasses      you wear every day may not be adequate protection. 

  • Safety glasses - Protection for      tasks such as sawing, hammering and drilling.

  • Safety goggles - More coverage      shields against dust, liquids, optical radiation or high-heat hazards.

Protective eyewear features

Whether you’re wearing protective eyewear at home or safety glasses for work, here are some important tips:

  • A Z87+ rating on the      frame - This      rating indicates the frame meets standards set by the American National      Standards Institute. The plus mark indicates approval for use in      high-impact situations.

  • Comfortable and      adjustable frame - Adjustable      construction allows for customization for the right fit.

  • Protective      polycarbonate eyewear - The durable lenses are lightweight and help shield      the eyes from impact hazards such as flying fragments or particles.

  • Little to no gaps at      the hinges - The      bigger the gap, the more exposure to hazards.

When to wear your safety glasses

  • Work - If your job      primarily involves auto repair, carpentry, construction, driving,      electrical work, healthcare, laboratory, janitorial, manufacturing,      plumbing or welding, eye protection is important. 

  • Home - Wear protective      eyewear when making repairs and improvements around      the house, working in the yard, cooking foods with      grease or grilling over an open flame, cleaning with strong chemicals,      making car repairs, performing home maintenance or      using bungee cords to secure heavy loads.

  • Play - Keep sports      fun and help avoid eye injuries. Try safety glasses with anti-reflective      coating for outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting or fishing. Eye      guards made of polycarbonate generally provide UV protection and are      thinner, shatterproof and lighter. 


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